One stop for tracking and filtering your traffic.
Landing page hosting and safe page generation included.

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Tracking software is included
and already preconfigured for your needs.

Just sign up and you are ready to go!

Robust built-in landing page engine: No more FTP management, everything is stored by Zeustrak and easy to manage.

Forget about hosting issues as well as FTP, landing management, additional programming, and external bot filters.

Advanced built-in bot filter.

Easy and manageable bot filtering on campaign level without any redirects.

State-of-the-art safe page technology: Fresh server, IP, and safe page in five clicks.

Add your domain then Zeustrak will generate safe page and content automatically. You are ready to send your traffic!

Team Management

Control your campaign, flow and landing page access with predefined roles. Get instant reports on your mediabuyer performance.

  • Tracking software included
  • Robust built-in landing page engine
  • Advanced built-in bot filter
  • State-of-the-art safe page technology
  • Team Management

Zeustrak stores all your landing pages and distributes
all changes across the servers. Pages, server and all
management build inside and doesn’t require any
technical skills knowledge.

You choose regions
of the servers to deliver your
landings pages with the fastest
speed possible


Zeustrak key features

  • Tracking software included

    And it’s already preconfigured for your needs.

  • Landing pages are stored inside

    No more ftp management. Everything is stored by Zeustrak and is easy to manage.

  • Bot filter included

    Easy and manageable bot filtering on campaign level without any redirects.

  • Safe Pages management is included

    Fresh server, IP and safe page in five clicks. Management from the same platform.

Traditional setup

  • Separate tracking software

    You have to choose tracking software and configure it for your needs.

  • Choose hosting provider or CDM to host your landing pages

    Dealing with ftp, ssh, php and other stuff might be a real pain.

  • External bot filter

    You have to choose, pay and integrate external bot filters with both your tracking software and landing pages.

  • Safe Page

    You have to find or create from scratch a website or a safe page and integrate it with bot filter.

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  • Unlimited events
  • Traffic/bot filtering
  • One-click server setup
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Extended reports
  • 12 month data retention
  • Unlimited additional users
  • Pro support
please, refer to Pricing page

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