3 Tracking Challenges Faced By Affiliates in 2018 (And How to Deal With Them..)

In the changing online environment issues keep on rising, this does not differ where it concerns tracking. To become successful, knowing and optimizing your data is key. That’s why we present you how to deal with the most common issues regarding tracking nowadays.

We researched forums, online communities, and Facebook groups and gathered some of the most mentioned tracking related struggles and how to deal with them.

1. Facebook bans that are related to your tracking link

Open any Facebook group or online forum and you will find a topic about issues with current tracking solutions. Keeping Facebook links live is already quite a challenge nowadays, no need for an extra challenge. The speculation about links getting blocked while running well-known tracking solutions due to people jeopardizing your traffic is real.

What can you do?

There is never a guarantee on what Facebook is going to do with your links, but what you can do is reduce the risk and make sure it is not coming because of your tracking setup.

In an ideal solution, none of your traffic would interfere with that of other affiliates. Running on a self-hosted setup avoids your traffic being connected to any other source since everyone will be running different pages that go directly to the safe page. There are multiple options to run a tracker on a self-hosted setup. However, this setup can require some tech skills if you are looking for the convenience of self-hosted but with the easy setup and interface of a cloud-hosted system have a look at Zeustrak. 

Another thing to consider is minimizing the redirects. Create a setup where you have your pages (Safe and landing) on the same domain so no redirects from tracking link to the lander. 

In addition to this consider using secure HTTPS domains, it gets more and more important. In Zeustrak you can have unlimited SSL certificates for your tracking domains and landing page domains.

2. Keeping track of your team results (without providing them all full access)

As affiliate marketing continues to grow and the online environment continues to evolve, training your team will become a greater challenge. How much sensitive information to do you want to share with your new hires?

What can you do?

To get an overall idea of how your team is doing, take a few minutes to assess each of your team members marketing strengths, weaknesses, and level of expertise. Objectively rate the priority of their expertise and their contribution to the overall campaign ROI.

Next, check out the feature of Zeustrak where you can easily review all the information needed to do this assessment. The team member setup helps you to set up different levels of access per team member and change this at any given moment.  Access levels go as far as just HTML or finances so these can be outsourced as well. 

3. Setting up campaigns in my tracking tool is taking too much time

Affiliate marketing is a fast industry and so should be the tools you are working with. Traditional tracking systems are costing you a considerable amount of time. You have to work with multiple systems which are not as efficient as they could be.

What can you do?

Think about the system you are using and how much time you are spending on additional features. Is all of this necessary? And if yes, are there tools out there that include these features?

A system with all the features you need to be included in the interface. Your setup, without any technical skills, can be done in half the time of your traditional setup. Meaning you can potentially make double the money in the same timeframe.

Think about your traditional setup, if you have your money page hosted on the same server. You can use a 0-redirect method, but it is hard to scale and split test as every single money page on your website requires separate uploading and re-configured filtering, this takes time. With Zeustrak any website page at any moment might be used as a safe page or money page and can be adapted and uploaded directly from within the system. 

Use Zeustrak to streamline your marketing by optimizing your campaigns, team, and data together in one place.

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