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8 Things to Tell Your AM That Will Boost Your Sales

Affiliate managers often get criticized. Much of the time the comments makes sense. Affiliate managers sometimes have no idea what they are talking about, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from harassing you about your non-performing offers. They can even drop comments that leave you wondering who hired them and why the heck you see them randomly popping up in Facebook groups, blog posts or websites.

But honestly, affiliate managers aren’t all that bad if you know how to work with them. They can add interesting, unexpected and valuable information to your setup. They have insight into some of the funnels or sources you might need to grow your campaign and they can be pretty useful in any conference or meet up.

Unfortunately, most affiliate networks don’t really talk about how to make the most out of your affiliate manager so we wrote you an article to help.

Go through these points below to get a few do’s and don’ts for working with your affiliate manager.

1. “I am running x offer though the competitor with more than 3 digits a day”

Affiliate managers often get hired on their competitiveness and sales drive. In this industry, each network wants to be the best and losing traffic to a direct competitor is not an option. Saying something like this will instantly trigger your affiliate manager to get you some extended cap room or an even better payout for the same or similar offer.

2. “In the past iPhone trial offers used to work well with the source I’m using”

Affiliate managers know who else has run something successfully and will check to find out what the next big thing is. By letting them know what has worked well for you in the past, you can help them; help you find the perfect offer.

3. “Can you screenshot me on the top volume offers in XX vertical?”

In most cases, EPC is not the most relevant point to pick your offer on. EPC’s in networks interfaces are combined EPC’s from different sources and customized payouts. So either you are looking at the top epc of one guy of which you have limited info, or you’re looking at a network widespread epc. Requesting a screenshot on volumes will give you an indication what is really run. Keep in mind that if networks select on epc only it probably won’t be the offers that are actually receiving a lot of traffic.

4. “I have a friend that is also interested in running your offers.”

New publishers are always of interest to an affiliate manager. Referrals are an affiliate goldmine, no application processes or introduction, and a minimized fraud risk.  For you, it’s also a win-win situation. You did your AM a favor, which is always a good thing and you earn yourself a nice referral fee as well.

5. “These are my plans for the next week(s).”

Networks hate to admit it, but it’s the truth! It’s a symbiotic environment, are they are all dependent on mutual success. The sooner you know what you need the sooner you should be communicating it to your AM. The more of a heads up they have the better opportunities they are able to push for. By giving as much forewarning as possible, you can both maximize results. After all, laying out a winning strategy takes time and remember, your AM wants to win too.

6. “What am I not seeing in the newsletter or interface?”

It’s probably no news to most of you, but it’s always a good reminder; the hidden gems will not be shared in the general newsletter. Just keep on asking about what hidden treasures they are not telling you about.

7. “How and when are you available?”

Money never sleeps, but AM’s do. If you already know you’re on different time zones make sure your AM checks and replies to your messages under the time overlap. You’ll get to keep your momentum going and your AM will know what and when to expect.

8. “What is the best thing you have in XX vertical in XX country and with XX payout?”

Be specific! Is it an AM’s job to give you the best offers? Definitely! However, keep in mind that there are thousands of offers live in multiple verticals and in all geo’s within a network. If you already know you need a certain geo, vertical of payout, tell your AM. It saves them a lot of time to build you a list across all of the verticals and geo’s and you get what you want straight away.

Pro tip!

Make it personal and if possible make sure to touch base regularly.

Affiliate managers have an average portfolio of xxx affiliates. A new offer is often passed out to those that come to mind.

These are just a few of affiliate manager related tips. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.