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NEW Affactory Educational Platform: Powered by Zeustrak

In celebration of the launch of Affactory, we’ve partnered with top industry insiders to bring together two awesome new guides; Getting Started in the Casino Vertical and Zero to Blackhat.

These guides are presented in Affactory; a new interactive teaching tool that brings educational content to life. Affactory presents information in a clear and concise package that helps ensure your understanding and test your skill.

The first guide is for anyone working with or interested in getting into Casino related offers. In it, we cover the top to bottom details on how to get started from day one with Casino offers.

We collaborated on it with Gotzha, a top network in the Gambling vertical, so it’s full of great insider tips and advice. Even if you’re already working with this vertical, it still offers some great insight into what’s happening in the market today and where it’s going.

Also on offer is a guide that will take you from day one in affiliate marketing, all the way through to the in-depth details of using Blackhat tools and techniques in 2019.

Blackhat can be especially challenging since few people want to share their best tips. If you do find the real deal, often times it also comes with a sizeable price tag.

Seeing all that overpriced content out there just really got to us and we wanted to be able to offer value to people while at the same time being able to showcase why Affactory is such an easy to use yet effective education tool.

We were able to achieve our goal thanks to our powerful partnerships and sponsorships. That’s why both guides, come to you on Affactory, absolutely free.

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