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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

It’s no secret now what a powerful marketing tool social media has become. It provides and concierge experience, that custom tailors itself to an audience. That kind of customization can often spell a high conversion rate. Far from being at or even near its limits, social media marketing continues to show signs of blowing up even bigger.

Social Listening

When we talk about “Social listening” we are talking about the act of crawling social media platforms to find mentions of brands, topics, industries or any other relevant keywords. This is done mostly these days to manage PR and customer service. Try talking trash about a bad experience at McDonald’s on twitter and there is a good chance someone will contact you try to smooth out the edges.

However, this is something we can expect to go even further in 2019. More and more they will be look for patterns and casual mentions of a product or service that is interesting to the user. As a result, we should see more proactive efforts to sell items from keywords picked up in social listening. The all too common practice of people sharing their frustrations and recommendations online in social media is not about to go away anytime soon; social listening will continue to grow, and expand to provide new possibilities.

Messaging apps

Smaller, semi-private echo system messaging apps are continuing to gain popularity. Rather than fully publicly share things, people are more and more comfortable sharing in smaller group platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Wechat. Despite this significant trend, almost three-quarters of brands (71 percent) do not currently use messaging apps for their marketing. Social media marketing agency Social Chain recently reported that a WhatsApp group they were engaged with had an open rate of more than 98% and a click-through rate of 25%. Those are numbers worth paying attention to and Peter Daly of Social Chain is betting big on 2019 for being the boom year. He recently had this to say:

“We fully expect messaging apps to realize their potential in 2019; the requirement to actively opt-in means users are much more engaged in these private spaces that they are when scrolling through a news feed, making it easier for brands to build direct and meaningful relationships with their customers quickly, on a mobile-first basis.”

There seems to be too much evidence to ignore here if you are serious about making big profits in 2019.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining more of a foothold in the social media marketing space. As the technology develops, we can expect more useful and interactive apps that will feature opportunities for marketing. We will see more and more examples of how AR will provide a deeper product and service experience. IKEA, as an example, now allows user with AR glasses to virtually see how that new bookshelf or coffee table might look in your living room. This will be a true,(or at least virtual) try-before-you-buy opportunity. This in turn increases buyer confidence and willingness to buy. Anytime you can increase this interactivity that allows user to visualize the angel you are presenting, you will see improved results in getting them to buy. Even if they don’t buy that first time around, you will also see more data though the potential sales steps that lets you know where they fell out of the funnel or what is holding them back from buying. Remember the IKEA example? Well, if I know that the piece of furniture you were looking at didn’t quite fit in the place you were imagining it, I would then perhaps be able to retarget you with a similar piece in smaller dimensions. It will also provide (in most cases) location information that you’ll also be able to use to tailor the marketing experience to that potential customer.

Video content

Each year, video content continues to show incredible marketing power and 2019 seems to indicate no exception. This is strong continuing trend, so if this is news to you then you must have been living under a rock (a very poor and unprofitable rock) If you’ve been getting good at this, then you should you continue to be well positioned to watch your earnings go through the roof. If you’ve been slow the video game, it’s time to wake up!

Human over polished

Authentic, human content will become what people are increasingly responsive to. Instant, in the moment content will continue to gain serious power over overly polished and overly produced content. There are a few reasons for this. To be honest, one of the main reasons is the ever lower attention spans of viewers. Let me just repeat that; people’s attention spans are on track to become even shittier. As a result, they would rather see something fresh and casual they can identify will. People are spoiled they want instant custom responses that make them feel like they are in touch with the brand. The other reason may be, “polished” is too easy these day. With so many apps that automate our photos it’s much harder, for example, to take a bad picture. People want stories that make them feel they know you and they want to peek at your instagram feed. They more and more want short videos that go deeper into the brand you are trying to promote and not just the product.


In the end, the trend for 2019 is showing that people expect a more customized interaction. They don’t have time for long reads and they want to be entertained. It should also feel like they are getting to know the human side of a brand and not just a slick, overly contrived picture. The great news is however, if you can crack this code, the percentage of people willing to buy can go through the roof.