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Tested to perfection: How Zeustrak develops features

At our core, Zeustrak helps clients make as much money as possible in a quick and convenient way. Zeustrak was created to make life easier for Affiliate Marketers. That’s why all our key new features are created, released and developed just for this purpose. Simply put: Affiliate Marketers love Zeustrak because we make it easy for them to make more money.

We care

That’s why we care so much about:

  • account bans
  • managing buyers being inconvenienced
  • scaling challenges 
  • lack of reports, automation or differentiation of access rights

Zeustrak doesn’t deal directly with marketing strategies or account issues, but when a client starts sending traffic and it is awkward, we do understand that pain. That’s why Zeustrak always tries to fix pain points as quickly as possible. However, every new feature brings difficult choices that have consequences. Unfortunately, all development resources are often limited, regardless of how big a development team you have. So, how do we actually make these hard choices?

At Zeustrak, we have been buying traffic for several years and communicate daily with many big teams. In our experience, a “big team” spends between $10 to 30k daily and hundreds of launches dozens of new campaigns every day. Their main traffic sources for those teams are Facebook and AdWords. These teams are the first to receive new features and they use it with live traffic, that delivers feedback every day. Then, we collect test results and decide if we should improve the features, or roll them out to all of our users.

We run our development process like a skilled Affiliate Marketer: We test, improve and scale until we have perfected each feature. By the time something becomes available to all our users, we have tested it so thoroughly that we are 100% certain of whether the feature will be useful or not. If we had any questions about a features ability, we would never release it. 

A great recent example of this is the new js cloaking we designed. As we previously described, the current set up is the result of tests on hundreds or thousands of launches. The current implementation is the best you can get. Because of this implementation, the profit you get is more likely to be maximized. If you tried to do it differently, or go to another cloaker, and then compare the survival rate, you will see the difference. And Zeustrak does this with every feature.