Understanding The Concept of Cloud Landing Pages

What is the traditional tracking setup? First, you have to have your own tracking solution setup; either, cloud based or self-hosted. Next, you have to have your landing pages hosted someplace and a chain of redirects in the middle.

So the visitor goes from the traffic source through your tracking solution and finally lands on the landing pages. The whole process has at least one redirect involved between your tracking software and the landing page.

We all know that traffic sources do not like redirects. And if you use the shared domain or IPs with other affiliates, that could lead to devastating results for your advertising campaigns. You never know what kind of traffic your neighbours run, do you?

Let’s talk about setting up or managing landing pages. It may be fine with some hosting providers. Dealing with FTP or SSH still sounds like a pain to me, but it might not be so bad on a small scale. However, what if you have to manage multiple servers or what if you need to transfer your landers to servers closer to your audience? Now things get a little more complicated. If you can relate, just know, we could too and we didn’t like it.

That’s why we decided to keep our landers in our tracking software and distribute them over the servers. The problem was that even that idea still had some disadvantages when it came to integrating a tracking code on your actual website or hosting provider. So, we knew we needed to go further and that’s why we decided to also leave all server management to Zeustrak. We even integrated a safe page solution and traffic filtering, so now you don’t have to use any other tools to set up a new campaign.

So, what does it look like right now?

We have integration with DigitalOcean (AWS coming soon!) that allows us to instantly create a ready-to-go server in your account. You can choose the desired region right from the Zeustrak interface. When the server is created you can attach your domain to it and from there you have several options:

  • use the domain as zero redirect cloud hosting for the landers stored in zeustrak
  • use the domain to generate a safe page (zero redirects and cloud hosting still works!)
  • use it as a traditional tracking domain with redirects

All of these options have tracking integrated into it and you’ll be able to fully control flow and the campaign settings just as you would in traditional setup. With this concept you’ll be able to use the same flow, under multiple servers and domains and use the same domain pages for different campaigns.It’s a very handy tool for managing multiple traffic sources where your looking to speed loading times, set up a new campaigns in a few clicks or eliminate redirect from the setup.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

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