Zeustrak Pricing


€199 /month
  • 15 custom domains
  • 1 team member
  • 5,000,000 events
  • €0,03 / 1000 events overage charge


€499 /month
  • 100 custom domains
  • 5 team members
  • 15,000,000 events
  • €0,025 / 1000 events overage charge


€799 /month
  • 500 custom domains
  • 15 team members
  • 30,000,000 events
  • €0,02 / 1000 events overage charge


Need more?

All plans include SSL-domains and traffic filtering.


What are events?
Zeustrak terminology implies an event is every action that is being tracked — a visit, a click, a conversion, etc. Every time a user is redirected through Zeustrak infrastructure it is called an event.
Will my tracking data be lost or tracking stop after I reach the monthly limit of events?
No, of course not! We know how important tracking is to the continuity of a business. After you reach your limit, your events will still be tracked, but you’ll need to pay for overages.
What are the overages?
Overages are the events that are not covered by your plan. For example, if you’re on Personal plan and reach the limit of 5,000,000 events, you’ll have to pay $0.03 per every 1,000 events that exceed the limit.
Do you have a trial?
Yes. Sign up for a free 14 days trial. You don't need to enter your payment info, just look around, try to run some campaigns, have understanding of your traffic amounts, and then you decide what plan fits best for you.
Can I have a custom plan?
Yes. You can choose the Custom plan. Feel free to contact us for details.
When can I stop my plan?
You can stop using Zeustrak anytime. Please note that if it happens somwhere in the middle of a billing cycle, the plan will be active until the end of the cycle. We won’t charge you for the next month.
How often will I be charged?
Billing cycle takes effect monthly.
Do you have any documentation on how to use Zeustrak?
Yes, you can find the quick start guide to help you get started and the full documentation. Also, you are always welcome to ask a question in live chat or create a support ticket. We will be always in touch.
What can I track with Zeustrak?
The short answer is everything! Direct publishers, Social Media platforms, ad exchanges, ad networks, SEA, email and so on.
Is my data removed after trial or ending of a paid period?
No. We store your data for 30 days before we archive your account.
How can I pay for my plan?
We accept most forms of payment — PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, and JCB. If you would like to pay with a different payment method, like local payment methods or cryptocurrency it's no problem, contact us here.
Do I need additional software to start tracking?
Absolutely no! Zeustrak is all-in-one solution for tracking, every plan includes landing page hosting, safe page generation, team management system and reach reports. Once you have an account you are reay to track and make money.
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