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Self-hosted or cloud trackers: Can you have the best of both worlds?

At Zeustrak, we have combined all the benefits of cloud and self-hosted trackers in one bundled solution.

To get started, you only need to connect a hosting account through the API and bind your domains. By integrating the Zeustrak tracker with DigitalOcean and AWS, you can create your own servers in any region in just a couple of minutes.

What’s under the hood?

  • Real-time Edits: Your landing pages are stored in the Zeustrak cloud and distributed across all of your servers in real-time. There’s no longer any need to use third-party hosting and re-upload files manually every time you need to modify a page.
  • Unique IPs: You will never share the same IP addresses or domains with any other Zeustrak clients.
  • Domain Manager: You can manage all of your domains directly from the tracker with just a few clicks.
  • Reduced Account Bans: A robust cloaking and traffic filtering option, available right at the campaign level, which significantly reduces the risk of account bans and increases trust and campaign approval from the traffic source.
  • Optimization Tools: A huge number of flexible and dynamic reporting configurations to optimize your campaigns.
  • Pixel Integration: Support for the Facebook pixel at the landing page and campaign level and takes no more than five minutes to launch a new campaign with a new server!
  • Team Management Tools: Lets you give access to only the parts of your campaigns that are appropriate to the function for your individual team members. This feature also lets you easily build useful team performance reports.  

Every affiliate marketer knows the importance of a quality tracker. A good tracker lets you work with maximum efficiency and helps you quickly identify opportunities for peak results and maximum profits.  

Sign up for Zeustrak now and you can even try it for free. Zeustrak is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for managing multiple traffic sources, setting up new campaigns, creating detailed reports and customizable team collaboration and management. Stop being distracted by tedious technical tasks because, with Zeustrak, you won’t need to install and configure anything else.

Zeustrak is a complete all-in-one turnkey solution for professional affiliate marketers. See for yourself what you’ve been missing and you’ll be convinced.