Tips and Tricks on Goal setting

Tools, tips, and tricks on goal setting

What does your biggest affiliate earn on a daily basis? A regularly asked question in affiliate networks. Technically speaking an irrelevant question, because, so many different factors are in play. Verticals, offers, sources, etc. So what is the importance behind this for so many affiliates?

Target setting is probably one of the most difficult things to do as an affiliate. To choose a goal that’s ambitious, but not too ambitious. What is an ambitious goal anyway? It’s a guessing game picking the right targets.

To help you eliminate the guesswork and guide you in setting the right goals we gathered some tips, tricks, and tools on goal setting for you.

1.Determine your motivation

Make deals with the network or direct advertiser you are working with. Realize that any network is interested in increasing traffic. They will be open for a custom deal. Discuss your goals and let them help specify the goals for you. This will pull you out of your comfort zone and give you the push to set that extra step. Make sure goals are structured and well defined.

Don’t get greedy and keep proposing deals or targets – set a limited amount of goals and make it worth it for yourself.

You can’t get your desired outcome unless you’re specific about it

2. Put yourself in charge of your goals

Be honest..  How many times have you blamed a network, an offer or traffic source for something going wrong?  In many cases to reach your goals, you’re dependent on other people. Most of them being unreliable if they don’t get anything out of it either. Unless you are the one in control of every aspect of your goal it is not likely to achieve your goals.

3. The bigger the better

Set goals that look impossible to reach and work your ass off to get there. Anyone can set goals that are for sure to reach, but why aim lower if you know you can do more. Nothing wrong with setting your targets higher than most might believe practicable. Not suggesting to create goals that are impossible – like trying to nail water to a tree. But there is nothing wrong with setting your sights higher than most will tell you are practicable.

4. Focus on the journey, not the destination..

It is often be said and there is some truth to that. If you begin by visualizing where you want to end up, the things you need to get there are pretty easy to plot out. Next step is to reflect on time and effort needed to accomplish these goals. You are well on your way going places and you don’t want to end up at the wrong spot. Understanding the relationship between short-term and long-term goals will help you set you on the right path.

5. Success planned out

What if I fail to reach my goal? Worry about failure is a waste of time and won’t get you anywhere. The surest way to failure is questioning your success. Your goals won’t accomplish themselves, you will need a plan and you’ll have to invest time and effort in it to make that work.

6. Risk Management

You cannot reach goals that you never defined. Most of the things you will undertake in your journey to success will carry some risk with them, that’s fine. Consider the risk and weigh it against the reward.

The conclusion? Define not only your goals but also the road to achieve your goals. And as you build out that path, don’t hesitate to look for opportunities to pick up support from other affiliates or networks. It will make all the difference.