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Zeustrak: Not Your Run of the Mill Tracker

We will take a look at how trackers fit into campaigns and how they function. We’ll also take a look at why it matters to having tracking and how they have evolved and continue to do so.

Why do you need a tracker?

To most of you this question has long since been settled. Trackers are in industry standard at this point and if you’re not using some kind of tracker these days, you’re just leaving money on the table (massive piles of it!). OK, but just to gain some perspective, let’s quickly cover why life without a tracker simply makes you work much harder and more slowly for a lot less money.

Without tracking between the offer and your traffic source you’ll have no control over your traffic and you’re reporting data will be extremely limited and mostly of no real value when it comes to optimization. You also won’t be able to properly split test. These are all essential features that you’ll be left out of without a tracker.

Without a trackerWhy does that matter?
Data dispersed across multiple locationsIt will take more time to compile and even access the info you need to be successful.
Lack of the full data pictureYou don’t get to see a full picture of what’s happening, leaving you blind to opportunities and causing you to waste money.
Complicated data managementNot having a streamlined system means you need to spend time trying compile your reports.
Can’t distinguish organic trafficWithout this distinction you won’t be able to optimize your campaigns towards non-paid audiences.
Unable to fully optimizeWithout a full data capture, you’re optimization efforts will never be as good as they could be.
No bot filteringWithout this you will not be able to see the quality of your traffic to know if your visitors and clicks are authentic, also leaving you susceptible to being scammed.
No support teamNo matter how great you are and managing your data details having dedicated support is an advantage.

Cloud vs. Self Hosted: Pros and Cons

So now that we have a basic idea of how trackers help us, let’s go a little deeper into two main tracker types:

Hosted Tracking Solutions:


  • You need to try to buy a hosting solution that fits your traffic volume. If you’re set up on a dedicated server and experience a traffic spike, it’s much harder to scale up your server capacity quickly.
  • You’ll need the, time and technical skills to manage the server and updates you OR you’ll need to pay for someone that can.
  • Even with the ability to have multiple domains attached to the server, the amount of IP addresses you will have will be very limited and in most cases there will be only one IP.
  • You’ll still have a redirect between your tracker and your landing pages, even though they will be located on the same server
  • If your tracker is in Europe, but your customers are in Asia, the redirect will be quite slow, regardless of how fast your server is since your IP packets will have to go over the ocean and back.


  • Your data is all kept in-house
  • As long as you don’t use a shared server you’ll  have control of your domains and IPs without others risking your campaigns.

Most Cloud Based Trackers:


  • Centralized updates
  • Easy set up, no special technical skills needed
  • By using CDN, redirects are faster


  • Sharing the same IPs with other affiliates and their IP’s could be a problem if they already blacklisted by traffic sources
  • It might be a fast redirect, but it’s still a redirect
  • You’ll still be required to host your landers somewhere else, so you’ll need deal with and pay for a server.
  • Most functions are only tracker focused

What’s different about Zeustrak?

Most people these days are opting more and more for cloud based tracking systems for various reasons. However, not all cloud based trackers are equal. Zeustrak took a look and all of the benefits and opportunities cloud based tracking systems offered and designed a system that not only found solutions to problems other trackers faced but also added featured and functionality that took it well beyond just a tracker.

With Zeustrak LPs are stored in the interface and they are distributed across the entire server. This means there is no longer a need to set up a separate server solution.  We achieve this by directly integrating with DigitalOcean or Amazon servers via the API key. The system also lets you connect all of your domains as well.

Server Management

We added total server management capabilities from within Zeustrak. What that means to you? We for starters we now have total integration with DigitalOcean and AWS. Now, you can choose the desired region, right from inside the Zeustrak interface. Once the server has been created you can attach your domain to it and from there you have several options:

  • use the domain as zero redirect cloud hosting for the landers stored in zeustrak
  • use the domain to generate a safe page (zero redirects and cloud hosting still works!)
  • use it as a traditional tracking domain with redirects

All of these options have tracking integrated into it and you’ll be able to fully control the flow and the campaign settings just as you would in a traditional setup.

Zero Redirects Solution

It is a known fact that traffic sources do not like redirects. It lowers your trust score and can limit your potential success. Not to mention that if you’re using shared domains or IPs with other affiliates, it could quickly lead to devastating results for your advertising campaigns. You never know what other traffic is being run on those shared domains and IPs and that puts you at risk.  Even in a best case scenario, redirects slow down the page load speeds and affect the user experience.

That’s why we decided to keep our landers in our tracking software and distribute them over the cloud servers directly from within Zeustrak, as a result, no need to bother with redirects.

You get all of these advantages plus:

  • More dynamic tracking reports and data points
  • Built in multifunctional tools for tracking, filtering, LP management and safe page cloning at no extra cost.

In conclusion, trackers are a must for any serious marketer. Knowing what to look for in a tracker, to get the best possible gain, is important to your bottom line. Having a tracker is better than not having one, but some trackers have additional features that can benefit other areas of your setup and your overall operation.

With Zeustrak you’ll be able to use the same flow, under multiple servers and domains and use the same domain pages for different campaigns. It’s a very convenient and powerful tool for managing multiple traffic sources where you’re looking to speed loading times, set up a new campaigns in a few clicks or eliminate redirect from your setup. No extra tools or hidden fees. Zeustrak provides a totally streamlined solution right out of the box.

Try Zeustrak features right now with 14-days no obligations trial!